Tips and tricks to save fuel

Trying to reduce your monthly costs? You also wish to make even the smallest difference for the environment and stay eco-friendly as much as possible when driving? Here are some tips and tricks that will definitely help you reduce your expenses and also protect the environment more:

1. Check your air filter

A clean air filter is the solution to make fuel economy. A dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine, which will harm not only the performance of the car but will also cut the savings.

2. Don't carry around unnecessary weight

Don’t carry unnecessary stuff unless you have to. The heavier the items you are carrying are, the bigger the fuel consumption will be.

3. Accelerate smoothly

A constant speed is the perfect way to travel. Also, try using the highest gear the car has. The fuel economy will increase and you will definitely add more money to your personal budget.

4. Turn the air-conditioning off

Use the air conditioning only when is really necessary. The A/C will put an extra load to the engine and so, more fuel will be used.

5. Maintain your motor

Except for the car supplies you have to change, don’t forget to check the car’s engine. It is important to make sure everything runs smoothly not only to improve the fuel economy, but also for your safety and the longevity of your vehicle.

6. Avoid traffic

It is not always possible but if you can avoid getting stuck in traffic as much as possible you could great difference in the fuel consumption. By default, this would help the environment a lot more.

7. Keep Tires Inflated to the Correct Pressure

Try to make sure the tires are inflated exactly as the manufacturer recommended. Imagine that only one under-inflated tire could increase the fuel consumption with 2%. You could have even bigger expenses if all the tires are not inflated correctly because this could increase the fuel consumption even by 10%

8. Monitor Preventive Maintenance Schedules

With a proper maintenance, you will save more fuel but you will also keep the car in a good condition. Besides, if you do the maintenance on time, you might avoid bigger costs in the future.

9. Monitor your fuel economy

If you fuel consumption increases, this means that you could evaluate your driving. If you need more tanks of fuel than before, try to be more relaxed and change gear at optimum speed. You will see that this will turn out much more economical and also less polluting.

10. Use other options.

Having a car is comfortable and useful, no doubt. However, you can make the most out of the beautiful weather when is possible and just walk, use a bicycle or use the public transport during weekends.